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Spring vistas 18x24.HEIC

Copyright Policy

All artwork and content on The Harris Gallery website is legally protected by 
       U.S. & International copyright laws. 

       Images may be used for personal use (screen savers, or printed out for
       household decor) but under NO circumstances is it permitted for you to use 
       them for commercial purposes, without proper and prior permission from 
   The Harris Gallery , or its legal advisers.

       Unauthorized duplication or usage for commercial purposes is prohibited by 
       the Copyright law and will be prosecuted.

We protect our copyright interests. 

    The Harris Gallery retains all of the copyrights to all artwork on this site,   
       regardless of having sold the original image.  You must contact us or our
       legal advisors in order to use an image for commercial purposes, 
       whether or not you now own the original artwork.   Thank you.

Purchase & Return Policy

We are always honored to have our artwork end up in your home and are forever grateful for the patronage we have received over the years. 

We understand that life and spaces evolve and that it is possible that you may have a hard time finding space for a piece of artwork that you once made space for.  

We will always do our best to accommodate your needs as a patron of the art.  We are forever grateful for the patronage of our small family business and general support of the arts. 

We, unfortunately, are unable to bare the financial or physical responsibilities of reselling any pieces of art or merchandise after purchase from The Harris Gallery. We, as a business, do not accept returns and are unable to accommodate the reselling of artwork or merchandise once it has been purchased and paid for.

We may hold and store art for a limited time if there are discussed, agreed terms.  We will always do our best to accommodate your needs and are open to all conversations. Please keep in mind we are small family owned (Father and Son) business and our space, time and resources are limited. 

The Narrows
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