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Elegant wines. Alluring labels. Epic location.


Art + Wine

There are few conversations about the art in The Harris Gallery that aren’t held while holding a glass of wine. Both art & wine evoke vivid memories of the time and space spent enjoying them.

For the collector of art + wine, we are offering a limited edition collector’s item that showcases the artists’ work on a caliber of wine that reflects the quality of our art.

The Harris Gallery Art & Wine Collection is a quintessential amalgamation of two things this area is best known for and we are so excited to share it with you.

To acquire our wines, join our mailing list.

Wines available to list members and in limited quantities in our tasting room. 


The Wine Collection

Hand crafted by elite winemaker, Wells Guthrie, we are offering a collection of Burgundian-style, lower-alcohol, fine wines from sustainably farmed vineyards.


All our wines are under 14% alcohol by volume.


Each wine will feature multiple labels, with art from both resident artists, so the bottles themselves become collector’s items.

Every release will feature a new collection of labels for the bottles. 


Resident Wineartist, Wells Guthrie

wells guthrie.jpg

We are incredibly lucky to be friends with arguably one of the best winemakers in California. His pedigree in the wine industry has been developed over decades of hard work that’s cultivated a palate for a true, Burgundian, beautiful wine-making style.

Wells developed his skills with farmers in the Burgundy & Rhône regions of France, honed them under master winemakers in California and put them into practice over two decades as owner/winemaker of Copain Wines in the Russian River Valley. Today he lives with his family on a 40-acre mountain estate in the Anderson Valley, where he built a small winery and tends to seven acres of Pinot Noir, DuPuis Wines.

It is there where he creates the wines on our list today. 

Robert Parker describes Wells as having "enthusiasm and passion for accessing top-notch vineyards and producing high quality wines." And notes that, "Such Old World winemaking techniques as minimal intervention, natural yeast fermentations, and no fining or filtration has resulted in thrilling wines of undeniable character and personality." (12/2005)


Steering away from “hot”, higher alcohol, heavy wines, Wells’ style of winemaking produces bright, approachable, aromatic, intricately layered wines that are under 14% alcohol. 

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